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Your solution to all of your dog behavior problems

Welcome to 古装一级香港a裸毛片,美女性感写真集! If you have found this site, it means you are looking for a qualified dog trainer and behavior consultant to help you with your dog behavior needs.You have come to the right place. 古装一级香港a裸毛片,美女性感写真集 offers one on one dog behavior consultations and obedience classes in and around the New Hampshire area to help you with any behavior problem you may be experiencing with your dog, no matter what breed, sex, size or age! 古装一级香港a裸毛片,美女性感写真集 will work around your schedule and lifestyle to create a dog training plan customized for you and your dog. Our classes are fun and convenient. Our methods are effective and leave you and your dog happier!

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Does Your Dog:

  • Have potty issues?
  • Nip at your fingers?
  • Need to learn manners?
  • Test your sanity?
  • Jump up on visitors?
  • Pull on the leash?
  • Growl at people?
  • Chew on everything?

Latest Blogs

Safety at NMBDT

Monday, 2.6.17

When you see my car outside NMBDT and know I’m there, it usually always means there’s a consult/class going on or about to start, which can often mean I’m working with significantly aggressive, reactive, fearful and more dogs – towards… Read More


Thursday, 8.18.16

“We adopted Abby, our lab/plott hound mix, last October and began taking her to classes with a local trainer. We committed ourselves to the process and aimed to follow the trainer’s methods, yet we couldn’t help but question what we… Read More

Helen and Paddy

About Helen

Certified Dog Trainer

Helen St. Pierre is certified in behavior and training through three different organizations. She specializes in behavior modification and teaches convenient, fun and reward based training classes in and around the Concord, NH area. She is veterinarian recommended and has won best dog trainer in the area for three years in a row! MEET THE TRAINERS



“Helen is a rare treasure of a dog trainer. More than just knowledgeable about the subject, she understands how dog and people need to interact to produce a respectful and ‘loving’ relationship. She has enthusiasm for the process and works hard to pass that knowledge along to her customers. If you have a new puppy or a ‘problem child’, you owe it to yourself, your family and your dog, to work with Helen.”